Business Telecoms

We know business telecoms.

Our end-to-end service delivers everything from your broadband connection to the handsets on your desk. We work exclusively with businesses so we aren’t distracted by the different needs of residential customers.

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Business Broadband

Understanding the connectivity needs of small businesses helps us deliver the best services.Whether this is our standard business DSL offering for a small office or dedicated internet access, we can get you the right product at the best price.

As an OFCOM registered company, we’re held to a higher standard than other providers – but we hold even higher standards for ourselves.

If you are in an area that is not covered by our services, we can help you find alternatives through our trusted connections.

Unlike other providers, we don’t mind if you want to supply your own hardware! Our expert team will work with you to get you up and running.

We can supply a range of hardware to suit the needs of your business. Our standard hardware package is made up of dedicated components rather than a “jack of all trades” device, meaning we deliver best in class service.

Basic DSL

£3500per month
  • No Line Rental
  • Up to 40Mb/s Download 10Mb/s Upload
  • Recommended for 1-10 Users

Premium DSL (Best Value)

£4500per month
  • No Line Rental
  • Up to 80Mb/s Download 20Mb/s Upload
  • Recommended for 1-25 Users

Dedicated Internet Access - starting at

£29900per month
  • No Line Rental
  • from 30Mb/s to 1Gb/s
  • 10+ Users

Extra Support

If you need assistance with your internal network we can help you with that too – our service doesn’t end with the cable going in to your building. Our expert engineers can diagnose issues with your existing network or help you design and build out the network you dream of.

We’ve delivered super-resilient network architectures for multi-national organisations supporting users across the globe. We bring this expertise to your business – we’d love to speak to you about resilient networking or how to get the extra performance you need.

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Telephone Services

When’s the right time to update to a modern business phone system?

If you’re not prepared to modernise your business phone system, you could be left behind

Doing nothing is not always the best option

Talk to one of our experts today

We have the right sized telephony package to suit your business, if you are a sole trader or have up to 4 extensions, our Hosted Telephone package is ideal. If you need more than 4 extensions or enhanced configuration, our Managed Voice service is what you want.

Both of them can provide cost savings of up to 70% when compared to other providers and if you’re replacing an existing telephone system the majority of our customers achieve a return on their investment within 12 months.

With no new analog or ISDN lines being installed by 2020, and all lines being switched by 2025 now is the time to move.

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Switch now and start saving.

Our hosted telephone service is designed for startups and small businesses needing less than 4 users – priced per extension you can extend our service as you grow and then move on to our Managed Voice service when you’re ready.

What you get:

  • Free calls to UK landlines & mobiles
    2000 minutes per month
  • Lowest international call rates
    Talk to us if you need an incoming number in another country
  • High-definition audio
  • Call-forwarding
    If you’re leaving the office, you can forward calls to another number, even your mobile.
  • Direct Dial Inward (DDI) numbers
    A single number for your organisation and every extension can also have their own. Up to 10 DDIs per organisation is supported on this plan
  • Group pick-up
    Pick up incoming calls on any extension
  • Voicemail & Voicemail-to-email service
    Never miss a message even when you’re not in the office
  • Ring/Hunt groups
    Ring a selection of handsets together, or one after the other

What you need:

  1. SIP Capable handset/softphone – we can supply you with handsets that are pre-configured to connect to our network or you are free to bring your own.
  2. Broadband Internet Connection – A stable connection that has a connection speed of at least 256KB/s but 2Mb/s+ is strongly recommended. We are also able to supply you with a suitable connection in most locations in the UK.

Managed Voice is our flagship telephony service – if you need 10 or 1,000 extensions this is the platform for you. We work with you from the start to design the package you need but they all have one thing in common – world-class service and support.

Our Managed Voice service has all the features of the Hosted Telephone package and more – here’s a sample of what it can do

  • IVR/Auto-attendant
    Interactive Voice Response means you can provide callers with a menu allowing their call to be directed to the correct department or to a particular extension
  • Call Queuing
    You can have all incoming calls placed into a queue, or even calls to a specific department. With position and optional average wait-time announcements, your  callers know that their call is going to be dealt with rather than wondering if there is anyone there!
  • Call Recording
    You can have all calls in and out of your telephone platform recorded or you can trigger it on-demand, even in the middle of the call. We’ll help you avoid and legislative or regulatory hazards
  • Multi-site Service
    If you have multiple locations you can have them all connected to our service, meaning free calls between sites and the ability to transfer calls between sites.
  • Time-Based Call Routing
    If you have sites in different time zones, or if you provide an on-call service, you can divert calls automatically at a certain time.
  • Enhanced Reporting
    You can generate reports (or we can help) that can give you x-ray vision on how calls are being handled by your organisation, for example how long it takes on average to transfer calls between extensions, or how long a specific call took from the customer entering the system to first pick up and how long they spent on hold.
  • Day/Night Mode
    Send calls to voicemail or play a recorded message at the press of a button when you’re leaving the office for the day.