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Having spent many years working with a variety of SMEs across the UK, it became obvious that what they all had in common, whether they were dentists, solicitors, retailers or accountants – they all relied heavily on their IT services.

Unlike the industrial revolution, loud and filled with smoke, the digital revolution happened quietly.

The term “tech” has almost become meaningless when talking about business. Because these days, every company is a tech company.

We work with SMEs to help them focus on their core business by taking the pain out of technology.

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Why Managed Services

 With limited budgets and resources and considering the pace of innovation and change, managers must do more with less by adopting wide ranging solutions in an effort to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and streamline operations. MCL Services has a long and successful record of providing comprehensive, results-driven solutions across multiple industries.

We take the stress out of running your business

As a business owner or manager, you want to be able to focus on your core business – not try to figure out why someone can’t print or why you aren’t receiving emails.

By working with MCL Services, we take that headache away.

  • Your staff are now self-supporting – they can request assistance directly without interrupting someone else
  • All your systems are monitored – 24/7/365 monitoring as standard, we know about problems before they impact your business
  • Antivirus included – Our anti-virus/anti-malware is updated hourly and has a minimal footprint on your systems
  • Monthly reports and quarterly review meetings – We’ll send you a report once a month showing the issues raised, the health of your systems and advise on potential problems. We like to meet our clients at least once per quarter to identify how the relationship is performing and take care of any issues.
  • Support when you need it – Monday-Friday 9-5 is included in our standard platform but 24/7/365 support is available. And there’s no extra charge for on-site visits if they’re needed.
  • Rapid response time – we will respond to any issues within 4 hours and first-time fix is our aim.

Don’t worry if you use a Mac – so do we and we know how to support them unlike some other companies.

  • Cost Savings –  Achieve significant cost-savings when compared to ad-hoc support services or recruiting in-house IT support.

  • Industry Expertise – We have clients across a range of industries and we try to learn as much as we can about them, but we know what we’re best at – providing technology services.

  • Transparency – We’ll always be completely honest with you and you’ll be involved in all decision making processes.

  • Reporting – our monthly reports and quarterly reviews will let you see how your technology is performing.

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Managed Services Saves You Money

An average business can save up to 70% on their support costs when compared to recruiting one IT support engineer.

We can offer 24/7/365 support for your business for a fixed price per month, no matter how much support you need.

How We Work For You

One Price, no matter how much help you need

In our Managed Services for business, we provide a fixed-cost service no matter how many times you need help throughout the month. We don’t take on residential customers as we focus exclusively on businesses.

Your IT costs become predictable and you have the peace of mind knowing that we are taking care of everything for you.

On a monthly basis you will receive a report that shows how your computers (PCs and Macs are supported) are performing as well as how many issues have been raised by your staff and resolved. Using this information we can identify proactive measures and design a hardware replacement schedule that suits your needs and your budget. We can also identify training needs and areas where your staff may need some additional assistance.

If you have an existing IT department, we can help them by providing additional resources and taking care of the day-to-day tasks, letting them focus on larger or more long-term project work.

Step 1

Site Audit

We carry out a thorough, on-site audit to determine the components of your network and how it fits together. We collect information on your workstations and servers as well as any supporting services like printing and IP telephones.

We talk to your staff to identify what they feel the problems are, whether it is speed, how things are stored or if their computers are crashing etc.

We produce a report based on our findings that includes the condition of your network and computers, how many devices you have that will be supported and projects we would recommend be carried out in the next 6 months to improve your services.

Step 2


When you agree to becoming a customer and reducing your stress levels, a team of our engineers will come on site at a pre-arranged date to add your systems to our platform.

Our engineers will introduce themselves to your staff and explain what they are doing at every step of the process – as well as identifying any issues that may need immediate resolution.

We will also explain to each member of staff the changes that are happening and show them how to get assistance using our support tool, or by calling our support line.

Before the engineers leave they will have completed a thorough checklist to ensure that all systems and devices identified in stage 1 are accounted for and that any other supported systems are added to our documentation and scope.

Step 3


Any trouble spots that were identified in stage 2 are rectified where possible or a project plan developed if it needs a more in-depth solution

You’ll receive a copy of the documentation we prepare so that you know what is happening in your network

We’ll agree a schedule for when updates will be applied and when maintenance windows will normally occur to avoid affecting your day to day business.

Step 4


Once your onboarding process and remediation steps have been completed you enter our maintenance cycle.

On a daily basis we carry out pro-active maintenance and your staff can contact our support team whenever they need help or to report issues that can’t be identified remotely.

Monthly, you will receive a report detailing the health of the managed systems and any issues that have been logged by your staff. On a quarterly basis we’d like to meet with you to keep up to date with your business and see if there’s anywhere else we can help.

What Our Customers Say

“Working with MCL services was one of the best decisions we ever made. Responsive, reliable, responsive and always willing to support our company as we grow. to put it simply, 11/10”

Ronan, Evide

“We reduced our application hosting costs by over £38,000 per year; they migrated us to their platform with zero downtime and increased our performance by over 40% in terms of user capacity and application startup time.”

MCL Services Client

“Very prompt, professional and friendly service.”

Inner City Trust

“MCL have provided us with a solid foundation for us to grow our company. Regardless what time or place, they are quick to respond to any requests or issues we encounter, and happily accommodate us with required tasks. With MCL providing our hosting services and support, it takes a huge amount of pressure off us as a company, knowing that we are in safe hands. I would happily recommend MCL to anyone considering signing up – you will experience virtually no downtime, and support is always there in an instant!”

MCL Services Client

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